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At Legacy, we truly enjoy what we do for a living. Wyndee and I would like to take a moment to tell you a few things about Legacy that not only give you the best sale in the ring, but also residual benefits on the long-term returns.

We don’t sell our own horses, which means no conflict of interest when asked by a prospective buyer to show them only best horses — we don’t have to think about what’s best for us first. We work for you and your horses selling well is the only thing that makes every day better in our house.

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With all our clients, we sell your brand and why a person should do business with you. During the sale, we are building your brand and increasing your relationships for future returns. Some ways we highlight the offspring of your stallions are through the way that we show your horses, signage at the barn, and various other visible marketing tools.

We have extensive industry and sales experience have experimented with many different marketing formats. This has taught us that a mid-sized consigner with established relationships produces the greatest returns. We focus on consignments that are big enough to have extremely high volume of shows but small enough where Wyndee or I are involved in every show. Remember, we do not buy horses, so our primary focus is on your results.

Our size and hands-on approach allows us to gain the knowledge and confidence to advise you on how we can push the market and be aggressive on setting your reserves. We don’t get my information from front man cards being generically filled out, rather garner information through conversations and watching the body language of each potential buyer. Even if we don’t sell your horse through the ring, we keep working until the maximum value has been achieved post-sale.

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90% of the horsemen on my team has been with me for over a decade. The team I have assembled consist of extremely talented horsemen who are the foreman for large two-year-old consignments. They also bring relationships with them that have increased our results year after year. We as a team, understand the strong points of our offering and our staff knows how to highlight them.

There are not many guarantees in this game. Mother Nature holds the deck and we try to play our hand to the best that is humanly possible. While we can’t guarantee every horse will sell well, but we can guarantee that if one doesn’t meet expectations, it won’t be without a hell of a fight.

We will always been grateful and proud to work for all of our clients and will always give our best to keep you 100% satisfied.